Be that Change…MGhandi

I’ve come across such an inspiring writer Mike Kapulvatsky. So do yourself a favor and read up on his blogs. It’s worth every minute.
I’ve always believed that things happens for a reason and a season.

I detest small minds, even though I have been small once a upon a time. I believe most of us have been. High five to those that had the insight and maturity to never fall in this trap.

The minute I walk away from a conversation with anyone and I’m not afforded the opportunity to be enriched, to be able to laugh,  to be inspired or to think about anything is the time I say…huh uh this is complete bullshit. False and vain and piss willy talks I have no time for…
I have always wondered, how do you start talking bad about someone… “start,” being the operative word. Does it go something like this..

How does she afford the car she drives (really?)
Oh did you see.. ( see what exactly)
She isn’t as great as she thinks she is (oh, why do you say that hmmm)
She’s such a demanding bitch and thinks she knows everything..( The chances are she does)
He was drunk again (why…. he might have a problem)
He was sleeping on the job again (he might not have a bed to sleep on)
He smells (he’s not afforded the soap you have)
He must be on drugs (so what you going to do about it)

Remember the following words : If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it

Instead of being fair and try to find something positive in that person, we go around gossiping about people and creating your own perception of people. Why don’t you get to know that person? I’ll tell you why, cos you going to let yourself feel intimidated by that person.

I always believe, when you spew shit from your mouth, make sure it’s facts shit and not shit shit. Because when you being cornered and summoned to the podium of truth, you can honestly say ” it’s the truth and I can prove it”

Never go around and beat people up without them even knowing that they getting a hiding. You are not walking in their shoes. You’re not the one who made sacrifices, and who still are. Look in the mirror and ask yourself “am I better than him/her”‘ Chances are that you’re not! You just a loser with a small brain, you’re insecure, no self-esteem, no motivation and of course no ambition.

Your ambition is to talk shit day in and day out. Go, go empower yourself and find friends who reflects you. Steer away from stereotypes, boring, angry, weak individuals. Start dreaming, learn from those that you find the time to talk shit about. No matter how insignificant you think it is, the minute your thought about it, meant that you found it valuable.
Process a negative into a positive
Don’t worry about me, look at yourself cos you are all that matters

A quote from Mike: There’s no such thing as a bad day or a bad situation. It’s your thoughts about the situation that influences how you view your day.

The same goes for your shitty attitude and thoughts. Grow up and be big, make that change. My business is not yours. Go and seek the education you so desperately need. Armour yourself against the You’s of today. I want to live my life for myself and for no one else. Tomorrow I die and I want to die with no regrets..morbidly good isn’t it?

I read his blog and my heart bled for him, to think that somebody that went through one of the worse atrocity’s ever as a child, AND still live to tell the tale is remarkable! In every sentence he spews sense, wisdom and endless motivation to all that’s prepared to listen. I found myself hanging onto every word, in complete awe of his eloquence as a writer, I can just see how pen flows over paper, I can feel his passion for writing, I can hear his pain but most of all, he turned his adversity into positivity…bloody awesome!

So inspiring, he makes me feel like I can take on the world, I can deal with the god complex’s, I can deal with failure, I can deal with my past as it is who I am today. And don’t have to worry what you think, the most liberating of all!

What you see is not the same as what you don’t see…

Look at the man in the mirror and be that change..MJ


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