I love to Graft :-)

Work work work…yes it’s been extremely hectic. I’ve always worked very hard in my life. I’ve never took anything for granted. You can ask most people that know me, and they will attest to this.

The last four, five, six weeks was a blur of minutes, hours and days spent sussing through endless and endless figures trying to make something old into something new. Figures are my forte, I love it and can do it to eternity..I’d most probably die trying to figure out a complex account!

It can be extremely exhilarating, exhausting but very rewarding knowing you’ve created an offspring (without sperm of course :-)) which will be used as the basis moving forward.
What makes it exciting?
I work in a very complexed structure where exactly that-structure-,  and discipline is core. There’s very little room for error and high quality is always expected and regularly maintained.

And because there’s human intervention, you can be sure someone is going to make an error, or someone is not going to be disciplined enough or has not given thought or asked the question as to how to move forward blah blah blah. We’re after all not ready to make way for robots…
Well, I still maintain that what you give is what you get right…that goes for both the employee and employer’s side. But how do you know you’re getting what you want?
I’ve done many interviews, and I’ve sat in many interviews as part of a panel and then obviously was sitting on the other side of the boardroom trying to sell my skills.
So what makes a good candidate on face value..no, we not doing risk management or investments, we’re talking about assessing someone’s demeanor, disposition, reasoning and body language.
Apart from what you see on paper, you have to have some guidelines on what to look out for in a candidate.
But let’s face it, a candidate will tell you what you want to hear…And that’s absolutely ok. They’re there to sell themselves and that in it’s own is an important factor to take in consideration. It gives you an idea of the person’s negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, assertiveness, logic and disposition. The latter is important for me as it will give me and idea if the person will be a fit for the company’s culture. You cannot have a grumpy in a vibrant environment.

Its not the most important characteristic,  but it’s a valuable observation.
So I’ve decided to take a different approach. I’ve put together, with the help of another manager, a four question test relating to the position at hand and also a one page questionnaire to ascertain the person’s reasoning, logic and integrity.  I know it can be extremely daunting but it also gives you a better insight into how that person thinks.

Why I’m here, in this (I’m saying it,) unfortunate position is because I’m losing a good and kind person. I’m sad to see you go, but I’m also proud that you’re moving on and hopefully you are taking some valuable lessons with you. Yes you will stay anonymous, don’t worry 🙂

Right , I’m ending this off by saying…work is always important to me. More importantly, it’s the value you can add to people’s lives, and it’s by far the most rewarding achievement! I’m a born leader, I don’t follow (nothing wrong with being a follower ..!) I expect good output and I believe in giving better. Quality above quantity, ambition,  respect and self respect and attitude is right UP there on my score sheets!

Give and you will receive…think about it 🙂

I’m sooo looking forward to a family weekend away, somewhere on the Garden Route, I’ve earned the bragging rights:-)  Boom !

Happy grafting 🙂



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