Horrible People

So here’s my first muse

Why people are so horrible
Why people feel threatened
Why people are weak
Why people have no clue

I always thought that if I utter out loud that I will seem intimidated but #=_?!+ that, on the contrary, I cannot be bothered and since I found this platform, I say what I feel..so puff and move on.

I’m in the least intimidated by anyone let alone the fairer sex. I think if you believe in yourself and you are confident enough to stand up for yourself, you half way there. The rest is showing what you got. Boom!

There was a time that I wanted to be what I’m not and it didn’t get me anywhere. I felt trapped in a pupa (stage in the evolution of a butterfly) and was scared to get out to become the adult butterfly.
And yet I progressed with personal achievements and life went on. I settled and life was good…well I believed it was.

But life is good.

You only doubt it when you let negative in. Those negative thoughts don’t creep in your mind from itself. People put it in your head and you allow it. You start questioning your abilities, you start to self doubt, you second guess, you stumble and you fall. That is what people want, they want you to fail! People can be horrible at the best of times. And if you look closely, you can identify them a mile away, you can sniff them out. They normally live pathetic lives, have none or a small circle of friends, they bark all the time(to be heard), they are uninspiring, they have no ability to motivate or to lead, they insensitive and ruthles. They’ll do anything to pin you to the board! Whack!

And that is how they evolve, how they progress in life but ultimately because people allow them to.

You allow them when you lose sight of your abilities, when you open yourself to condescending statements of the lowest form, when you allow people to make you believe being sensitive is a sign of weakness. Hell, it’s not! It only means you are passionate about life and situations. When you don’t have the inclination to talk for yourself, you’ve given up and rather cower in the corner. And more importantly, when you throw in the towel and walk away.Β  That right there is what people wants..

So where does it stem from? You not going to get the answer from them and I can think of an endless list. Hmmm the list is too long so in a nutshell, they are weak, uneducated individuals. Their comebacks and innuendos are always personal – don’t believe anything to the contrary, ooh no….be alert! There isn’t enough education to inspire people.

It’s sad actually. I find it emotional draining. I’d prefer people to get on with it. To inspire me on a daily basis, to be more sympathetic and have empathy and stop justifying their obvious short comings.

I prefer to be surrounded with knowledge, positivity, youth (age, is just a number) big minds and small mouths.

Let’s be the shits, allow people to grow and let’s bask in their achievements instead of continuously taking them apart. There’s a certain time and place for grudges and sarcasm.
Some of us pays close attention, we hear and see everything
Don’t strive on others misery and a hopeful audience, because no one is watching
You’ve accomplished nothing if you fail people.

So aspire to inspire πŸ™‚



To My Best friend

My Serendipity

My Serendipity


Like honey and bees

Like a cool summer breeze

Like a hand fits a glove

You are made for my Love

My friend, together we make perfect sense

I still remember seeing your scrawny ass for the first time. You were wearing a blue jerseyΒ  and a black pants. All skittish, and hardly made eye contact. I immediately knew I’m going to like you but that it will be a challenge to engage with you because you a typical Taurian…don’t trust easily. But the persistent Capricorn won you over. And I still thank my lucky stars πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

You had high hair… heeeheee

Thin waist, nice shapely legs, pearly white teeth and perky ass πŸ™‚ A more perfect behind I’ve never seen again, ever πŸ™‚

We became two peas in a pod :-

We shared everything, well except for clothes. You had no size and I was huge in comparison πŸ™‚

I remember our giggles in the attic
The sharing of life’s lessons
How we regularly stripped Cavendish
And dining at the finest, strapped in the finest πŸ™‚
Heels klicking , funky and always smiling, reveling in our steadfast bond that not many have the opportunity to experience.And yet we have such a big age gap, but never was it visible because you have a great mind, a matured mind that always think out of the box!

I was there when you were sad, you were there when I was sad. Although it’s hard to see when you are. You have this innate ability to always smile. If you didn’t,Β  then I’d know something is wrong. You are not a talker – I loved/love that about you. We could be sitting next to each other and not say a word and it will feel like we having the longest conversation ever.

Catching up felt like Making up…Always good πŸ™‚ Love, love

We would silently watch a movie and boom would start shouting and directing the movie until the end! There would be non stop laughing and hysterical giggles of how stupid the victim was and what we would have done instead!!

We both have an extremely vivid imagination!
I say ” I have toothache”
You say ” oh…so the minions are walking up the stairs into your mouth armed with ice picks”
I sayΒ  “yeah..and with precise rhythm they start to carve their way..bang bang bang ”
You say ” with lights on their foreheads, they decide to expand..forging ahead in the darkness, searching for new territory…bang bang bang”
I say ” stop! I can’t take this pain anymore!”

Lol, and that’s how we rolled…completely crazy!

I remember my V6 and how we used to speedΒ  through the roads, Whitney blaring at top volume and we singing to “Heartbreak Hotel”“It’s not right, but it’s ok” !!!
How we frantically would look for Na-eem in between the clothing rails, on all fours chasing down the imaginary dog – oh my gosh! How funny was that πŸ™‚

The bonnet could hold the weight LOL


We used to come back from another successful shopping spree and lay on your bed. You on your side with your hand under your chin..I’m on my stomach, legs swinging and we would share thoughts, advice…laugh..you were always so easy to laugh with!


(Oh my gosh, let’s not talk about the stream of gifts and how we got it and what role you’ve played in it..we would laugh about it until our stomach hurts πŸ™‚ ) OMG, I can’t look!

That was our signature. Gucci has never smelled so good on anyone else. And whenever I buy my perfume, I think of you.

You have such a good heart. We went through a big storm and I knew since then that if we survive that, we would survive anything!


I shared my biggest secret with you, amongst others and I that is how much I treasure your friendship. Because I know, you’ll take it to your grave.

You’ve never been one for small talk and shit and I value that immensely. I love you Fafs. You one in a million friend.


I only want happiness for you. You needn’t have to pull at the shorter end of the stick.. you needn’t have to wait around for anyone. You should be adored and carried on a platter strewn with gold dust. You should be put on a pedestal and be preserved. You should have trillions of minions serving at your beck and call. You are made to love. Demand it and conquer it ! You are a Love magnet πŸ™‚

You were one of the best things that ever happened to me!

Me, Faiqah and Cindy…we looked as good as the spectacular view πŸ™‚

You’re my Serendipity
You the calm and I’m the storm
I talk, you’ve always listened
You don’t judge, you give advice
You have a brilliant brain! Thank God for putting you in my path. You’re one of the sexiest woman I know, with impeccable taste.

I will love and treasure you forever..

Call on me and I’ll be there, don’t be afraid. Please believe me when I say…you can count on me

This I wrote for you with lots of LOVE πŸ™‚