The Sound of Music

Yeah !  My very first memory of music is that of Julie Andrews running across the splendor of green fields,  singing  “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music “ – the minions frantically trying to keep up with her

Can you imagine life without music?

Music should be a part of everyone’s life and I think most of you will agree.
Without music life would have been a lopsided affair, earth totally off it’s axis, obscured and bending sideways..


No melodies to sway to
no passion to relate to..

Music has the ability to tap into the dormant territory of the mind. The right song takes you to that wispy feeling, that happy place. You involuntary sway your hips, tap your foot, bop your head and let the string of words only talk to you.

How many of you has sworn that a particular song was written for you? I’m sure many! For me definitely 🙂 A friend of mine recently pointed out that I appreciate the lyrics in a song 🙂

I remember listening to Chariots of Fire as a teenager and how I use to be fascinated by the steady increase of tempo and finally reaching climax….that point where you sit all alone, hands up to the sky, and face basking in the sun, smiling and savoring the last few piano chords..victoriously saying….” I’ve Won!!”

Who wants to live without music…

Then of course there are songs you love to hate but you involuntary find yourself singing to the chorus “Cake by the Ocean” by Joe Jonas. Really Joe? An apparent metaphor for sex on the beach..pffft crap.
Then there’s Riri’s “Russian Roulette”...ugh I’d love to hate it but I find myself “Take the gun and count to three” 🙂
Oh and don’t forget about Bruno’s – ” Catching a grenade for me” eeeek – no, he must be joking.

I also have a few favorites and they definitely not artists that I’ll have posters of behind my door but listening to the lyrics makes me happy, makes me smile, give me that euphoric lift especially sitting in traffic in the morning.

Jason Mraz – ” Butterfly” is right at the top. The lyrics are so sexy and laced with seductive promises – ” I’m your pole and all you wearing is your shoes” Ooppff fan me now!
Jeremy Oliver – Serendipity, “Baby there’s no need for pretense, together we make perfect sense”. Absolutely beautiful and catchy lyrics, love it.
Jason Derulo – Let’s get ugly – “Chingaling ling ling  ling, just do yah thang” ooh my hips don’t lie…They come alive BOOM!


But nothing beats the Soulful tunes of the 70’s and 80’s, hell no..They did just that..spoke to the soul. Jennifer Rush – ” Power of Love” – of course I’ve believed I found the love of my life, printing out the lyrics and memorizing it to heart 🙂
Teddy P – You’re my Choice tonight
Billy Ocean – Lover Boy
Mariah C – Emotions
Manhattans – Hurt
Earth wind & Fire – Reasons

aah…The list is endless 🙂

And of course…yeah..wait for it..The greatest one of all times…! Whitney Houston – ” You give good Love “. I used to frantically search for Mr Right on the dance floor.. It was a waste otherwise….You had to believe he was the one 🙂

Music creates soul searching, it makes you realize that you’re not the only one hurting “Why does it hurt so bad”.

It stimulates the good feel endorphin’s, it lifts your spirits, makes you ready for the day. It  reverberate through the soul, making it all ok 🙂

Music unites mankind – it doesn’t discriminate  between race, gender and sex

Music is magical, we shouldn’t live without it.

Kami 🙂