Virginia Carol Le Roux

The things I remember the most about you is your smile..your inner beauty,  the tip of your head to the side when you spoke, your soft spoken voice, the shape of your fingers and the shine in your hair..

I took you to the beach for some fun, unknowingly it would be my last opportunity.
We going to miss you..


I had the opportunity to sit at your feet during your last days, unknown to all of us and I thank God I was granted that.
We going to miss you..

Sitting around the table, full house, good company, good laughs and your endless calmness, your forgiving nature, your giving nature,  is what we going to miss..


We look back and we say…”if only we knew, we would do things differently” If only I stayed longer, if only I combed your hair, if only I said ” I love you too”, if only I answered your phone call…But I thank God for the short time I was given to get to know you. The beautiful soul..

I see how much you cared for Vida and she’s going to miss you the most. You were there when she needed a friend, thank you. And yet you granted her that opportunity to spend your last days with her, thank you.
She’s lost a good friend


We make plans, but God has his own plans for us. The ones left behind are grieving your passing. We ask, why so sudden..You were so young, you were a good person, a good friend, gone too soon..why why why..


You sent me a beautiful message and every time I play it over in my head, I want to cry. I want to cry for the loss of a beautiful soul, the loss of a good friend, the loss of the most beautiful smile ever..
I am going to miss you Carol
I said to you “get better and let’s go watch the Manhattans” you looked at me and I didn’t understand that look. If only I knew you were telling me that you won’t be around.
You told me “be happy!”….Thank you Carol for your infinite wisdom.

I pray to God that your children and Phillip find peace. I pray that we all find the peace and acceptance. You were suffering and God called you home. He decided he needed you more than what we do.

There’s a vice around my chest, it’s by far the hardest thing to lose a good friend because good friends don’t just come around. It’s a lifelong bond, laughs, dancing, giggles, jokes, sadness, disagreements and unconditional love… We going to miss you Carol


You were hurting and we have to be less selfish and thank God for taking you out of that discomfort. We need to accept that you are where you should be, and because it’s the right time. If only we could be this accepting..If only we accept that all of this was written was written that we’ll only have you for a certain time, you would only laugh, dance and giggle with us until a certain time.

I pray that you rest in peace. Don’t worry about us, let us mourn you Carol. Let us cry for the loss of a very good friend.

And thank you for allowing me the short and awesome time with you. Thank you for listening and nodding. Thank you for always smiling. May you smile from up above…

We going to miss you Carol..go on and be the smiling Angel looking down on us. And we will celebrate your life because that is what you’d want us to do. Nothing will fill this void, this loss but we will hold onto your beautiful memory and the memories we’ve shared.

Rest in Peace my good friend..


3 thoughts on “Virginia Carol Le Roux

  1. thegirlnextdoor June 30, 2016 / 1:46 pm

    Very nice piece.People come into our lives for a reason that’s what they say.There is always a lesson be to learned be it big or small, but you will never forget about it.


    • Kami July 1, 2016 / 3:12 am

      That is true. It’s brief, it has the impact you need, you come to love that person and then it’s over but it is for a reason..we just don’t understand it then..


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