The Reunion Part 1: The Givers

Don’t we all wish for a sunny spot?

A place where you could find warmth, laughter, a warm plate of food and an abundance of love. πŸ™‚

I feel if I could recapture those feelings, I would feel better, I’d feel happy again, but I know I can’t… I get sad thinking about an innocent childhood memory. Of not having lunch to school but thank God I always had great friends. Which brings me to my story..this story. Can you teach a hungry child? Will it make you happy to feed a child?

I think as you grow older, your perception of what happinesss is,Β  changes. Life is more realistic, people can be shit , but there are also good people out there. People, you can look up to, who inspires you, who makes a difference, who gives..

Will this make us happy?

What makes you happy? Compared to what used to make you happy… What makes me happy is to be able to give back!

That is true happiness. Not so much losing your heart to someone, because you might lose yourself in that person and that’s not fulfilling..there’s no purpose in that..not really. That’s more of a personal nature, coupled with life’s complications.

Anyway, back to my point of giving…I genuinely feel that I’m doing something good when I give back and I haven’t done enough. I don’t think one canΒ  ever give enough. We’re all aware that people love a moan, but no one is prepared to do anything. The irritation of some people’s pointless statuses with regards to charity, on social media feels like watching a hamster on a wheel…pffft.


I’ve met up with primary school buddies and they are a phenomenal bunch! They’re all inspiring in their own way. Some of them don’t even know it πŸ™‚

What made an impact for me was their need to make a difference in society. To go back to where we all started and make a small difference for the underprivileged. The same society, we all came from. It’s awesome! I can’t wait to get going. Guys, you’ve inspired this story, whoop whoop πŸ™‚

The Ladies doing the War Cry πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Naz, doing her thing!
From left: Shamiel, Levona and Ese

I remember my aunt coming to drop off my xmas clothes every year, without fail. It was of the finest. The frilly frock, with the matching patent leather shoes, finished off with a pretty bow. The very white vests with matching panties. Oh yes, you had to have new underwear, otherwise xmas won’t be xmas! And to finish it off, it was the silky matching ribbons! Oh I can still see it in my minds eye πŸ™‚Β  I remember feeling very special, very loved and in need of nothing. Again, Β I am going to be all dolled up in matching ribbons tying up curls on each side of my head.

Far left: Danny, Rashaad, Loet, Kami and Felicia

These are the memories that I have of feeling loved and not wanting of anything. I was fortunate in so many ways and yet growing up was always a struggle but as a child I remember always feeling that I want what I cannot have, that I want the luxury I saw my friends have, that I have very little in comparison to them, that what I have was incomplete, not enough.

Now isn’t that what we still experiencing today? The constant comparison to the next, the always wanting what you cannot have? Always moaning about how hard life is. And if only…if only I can earn more money, things would be better, life will be easier and we’ll live our dream life?

And yet, if you look around you will see so many things in your life that you should be grateful for. You have a cosy, warm home..maybe not kit out in the finest, but it’s a shelter so much better than what many out there can only dream of. Many that wished for a few minutes at your dining table, that wish for night under your comfortable, nice smelling blankets, to sit in front of your fireplace, to feel warm, to not feel hungry and cold. And yet we moan of the riches we have. That’s unfortunate, isn’t it. So when do we realize we have, and they don’t…

We’ve fed a few, Thank God!

We just completed our month of fasting and yet only feel a speck of what they are feeling every single day of their lives. We’re sacrifice food and water between sunset and sunrise and rush home to prepare a feast. A warm pot of soup enjoyed with Β  different kinds of savories. Different kinds of drinks and juices. And to end it off, a steamy plate of food. All this after a day of fasting.

Now tell me, where is the sacrifice? Yes, we have fulfilledΒ  one of the pillars of our religion, but have we fulfilled the other one? The one where we have to give to the less fortunate (Zakaah). Have we made the difference?

Anyone for seconds..:-) My absolute favorite pic!

What’s giving? Giving comes in many forms. There’s giving in the form of money, parting with worldly things, giving food and then of course sharing of knowledge, to aspire to inspire. Giving in any form can be so rewarding

The soup kitchen is finally underway and some of the guys in the group has sacrificed their time to go and feed a couple hundred primary school children. I am so proud to be associated with them:-) It actually brought tears to my eyes, seeing the row of children, some of which never knew what it is to enjoy a hot cup of soup. Some who’s stomach has been growling for hours but could do nothing about it.

Ese doing what she does best (love, love you!)

I remember standing in a queue myself for a pint of milk and a peanut butter was pure bliss..chocolate cake and milkshake on a rainy day! ja well, you then go back in the queue for another piece of chocolate cake πŸ™‚

There isn’t enough of giving. There’s only taking. There’s a generation of entitlement, which means giving will become non-existent, more people starving, more malnourished children, a less educated society, an increase of poverty, no quality of life, a constant battle, life becomes hopeless, begging is the easier way, pride is only a word with no meaning.

From left: Jackie, Fran, Jamielah and Sadia

These cauldron of events can be avoided if only we give, if only we make a difference to one child…. out of twenty. That’s a high odd, but imagine the domino effect it will have on that individual’s life. He/she will march forthwith and continue to make the difference and break free from the shackles of poverty! Thus creating a better society.

Ese and Sadia with the Principal

So let’s give πŸ™‚

(I dedicate this story to all my buddies, the Givers.. Carl, Esmeralda, Loet, Naz, Francis, Danny, Jamielah, Shamiel, Levona, Colleen, Jackie, Felicia, Cathleen, Tyrone,Sadia, Β Cerona and the list goes on and on. You guys Rock πŸ™‚ )


You’re Twenty One NT :-)Β 

I promise this is going to be short. And I promise I’m not going to post funny baby pictures πŸ™‚ …..NOT!


You’re finally an adult, whoop whoop! I can no longer call you my baby, sad isn’t it. Cos this only means I’m getting old 😦

Well that is the circle of life my son and one day, you’ll write a very similar memoir for your son πŸ™‚

The key to Life πŸ™‚ 


Happy 21st birthday Na-eem πŸ™‚  I Love you long time. I don’t say it can’t say it enough, but should say it all the time!   You are the son I always wanted. I pray that the Almighty grant you good health, Halaal rizq, Taqwa, always surround you with the cloak of Imaan, a long and prosperous Umr Inshallah… And Don’t stop dancing baby πŸ™‚

One day, long,long ago on a surprisingly sunny winter’s day I was bouncing off the walls cos the Springboks won the world cup! Oh my word, was that a day forever ingrained in many memories, and a day to go down in history!! WE as a nation finally won our spot back onto the sporting arena, it was a day I will never forget and I’m sure many felt the same way. There proudly stood the one man that sincerely fought for freedom from the oppressors, the one man that showed continuous humility and dignity and with unwavering commitment to what is right. A man we all could learn from for he has surely played an integral part in making that unforgettable day possible. He sacrificed a lifetime so that we could enjoy the fruits of his sacrifice!
Green and gold was the colours of the day!!!


I was told you were coming a week earlier, pffft I never believed it though. Being a stickler for numbers and always wanting to be prepared, I did the math and you were to be born on the 27th of June 1995. Not a day sooner or a day later. I felt the first twinge whilst coming down from the euphoric feeling and marveling in the aftermath of victory.. of course I was prepared and knew I am going to meet you very soon πŸ™‚

The sky is the limit ..

I knew you were going to be a boy, but didn’t share this knowledge with anyone. You proudly ” winked” at me during one of the scans and I smiled from ear to ear. It was meant to be and I thank God every single day for the blessing he bestowed upon me. Well, it was one of my hardest physical battles, omw! You refused to make an entrance. I prayed, I begged and even bargained with the doctor! But you had your own time, you knew when it was, you’ve planned it all along and you finally appeared and in a very dignified manner πŸ™‚ These are the qualities that you possess. You know what you want, you know when to do it, you’re one of the most disciplined people I know and you’re say it like it is, all with grace and panache. That’s my boy, right there πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


You wrote on everything you could find, cupboard doors, behind the doors, on the walls..always frantically waving a wand of some kind! And from a very young age you knew you wanted to be a teacher. You wanted to make that difference, and you did and still strive to do it.

As a baby you were obsessed with a vacuum and would run for it every time you heard the buzzing. It was the funniest thing ever! We would put you in the furthest room in the house, surrounded by toys , closing all the doors just so that we could vacuum hoping you wouldn’t hear anything and therefore stopping us from vacuuming! Well it didn’t work of course. You would come speeding towards it, and only to lay on the vacuum and to feel the buzzing. I would finally give up, and let you have your moment :-). One of your aunts even gave you an old vacuum for your birthday, but you quickly figured out that it’s not giving you the buzz you need.

One of your favorite movies was Mr Bean. Well…I had to play it over and over again and you would laugh at the same scenes, every time! As much as I was annoyed, I would laugh with you. You have that laugh, where you just shakes and can’t even talk! I love laughing with you πŸ™‚

Funny guy…

And your all time favorite was dancing to a Shah Rukh Khan movie πŸ™‚  “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” and so many more others. I specifically remember this one cos we had to watch it to death but also because it had a hip beat!

You hated going to creche and because you had your granny wrapped around your finger, she finally let you stay with her. She said you didn’t need to go to creche, and that you have a head full of brains. She was right of course (may Allah grant her Jannah Ameen).

You would brag to me how your aunt prepares your lunch and that I don’t do it the same pfffft. They spoiled you and granny believed you could do nothing wrong.

You always had a string of friends, and I always knew you would make the right choices in friends. I never had to worry whether they’re bad for you. You don’t take any prisoners and you don’t tolerate drama. You carry yourself with dignity and  stay faithful in your Deen.

Proud moment!

And then you became Head Boy. If I think that was a proud moment, then the day you’ve made your last speech, I was even more proud. I clapped hands, my vision swimming, smiling from ear to ear and bursting with pride. It’s one of those days I will never forget.

I enjoy serenading with you to a Whitney song, AKA, Manhattans, Justin Bieber, Drake James Ingram and many more…dance to Kwaito and House music..

And more importantly, I love listening to you when you recite the Quran. Your voice is laced with emotions, you take us through that beautiful journey and one cannot help but listen and revel in the splendor of God’s word. It’s like music to  one’s ears.:-)

Love your face πŸ™‚

 I listen to you and how you perceive your peers and  you make me so proud. You look at things objectively and with integrity. You don’t compromise on your beliefs, values and ethics. You going to do so well, you’re going to conquer the world and I wish you infinite success in all your challenges my son πŸ™‚

I’ve raised you for the world and not for myself. This is something not many understand. I gave you the tools, so go forthwith and be a success. Earn and give the respect. Give and receive. Listen and learn. Honor your parents. Pray and forgive. Look out for your siblings, always! Laugh, dance, be happy and never settle for anything less!


Happy happy Birthday Na-eem Thebus. You the reason I get up everyday, you the reason I didn’t give up, when you needed me the most. I hope that I’ve done enough. I hope I’ve danced with you enough.

Remember what I told you…Love hard and never be afraid to show it!

Never forget Granny and Aunty Mielah who cared and nurtured you when I couldn’t. May Allah grant them Janaah, Ameen. Both, loved and disciplined you in their own way

I love you Na-eem Thebus πŸ™‚