​Women. Wives. Mothers.
They unappreciated, undervalued and highly misunderstood gender of the human race.

We men often pay little or no attention as to what makes ‘women’ happy. You know what’s the biggest aspect we lack when it comes to women in our lives?

We’re not proud enough of them, their achievements, their successes, their motherhood, their classyness, their values, their norms and attitudes. Yes, precisely..we are oblivious!
How can you not be proud of a woman who balance’s a career? A woman who strives to make an impact in her household, to teach her children the importance of character and preparation for the world? A woman who strives to inculcate religion amidst the many good values she attempts to instill in her children? It is of no doubt that a Mother can and will never have ONE career.

She will always have two. Her Job and her Masterpiece. Her Job, being it a career or a stay-at-home mom, it’s still a job.
What’s her Masterpiece?
It’s her children, her babies, her toddlers, her son’s and daughters. She is the one who moulds them, she is the one they call out for, she’s the one they’ve been connected to since the day they were born. A woman who so as even delivers a child, deserves the pride from her significant other. She deserves the pride of her family, I promise to be proud of my woman, always!
I write this, with only one exemplary woman in my life, my Mother. I am her end product, I am her goals, I am her achievement, I am her Masterpiece…

Naeem Thebus

With Kamilah Thebus
I wrote this for you Mom ❤