A short muse on Life….😍

I haven’t written in a long time.. life happened. I get up in the morning and I thank God for granting me another day.  Another day to Love my children, to listen to their banter and to take note of their silence, another couple of hours reveling in the softness of my grandson💗…Another day to live another chapter in my life. It’s all a Journey, nothing is forever.. I miss my niece every day, not a day passes when I don’t think of her. Not many understand, not even my children understands what impact her death had on my life..

I remember sitting sobbing, heaving and trying to make sense of life. How did this happen? How does anyone live an unhappy life..

Many has cast stones for the decision I have made but it’s something I have accepted long before it even happened. I generally think things through, I’m a thinker, I pre-empt (this is not always a good thing) and in this case I was spot on..The ones sitting on pedestals or rather with their head in the sand, are the ones gasping and found it almost incredulous..How can it be? It all seemed so perfect..

The real ones, saw it coming. How come it was the way it was?
Anyway that’s not what this story is about because I’ve accepted that “A new beginning is the end of a previous beginning”.

Life is what you make of it. If you give a piece, you get a speckle, if you give your all, truly give your ALL, life will give you an abundance. Nothing comes easy, not even relationships, not parenthood, not even your day job.
There’s therefore No time to worry about what people think, there’s no time to pretend that all is well when it’s not, say what you think, do what you want, have a bucket list and start ticking off, laugh and dance with the ones you love.

Religion doesn’t make you a person, being a drunkard doesn’t, being a drug addict doesn’t (and I am testament to one has until today spoken bad about Sam. Everyone misses her, everyone loved her because she walked through life with the utmost respect for anyone who crossed her path) it’s therefore how you live your life that does…

Why waste time on the mediocre things in life..holding grudges, talk about happenings not people, put and end to a story with no meaning and that has no relevance to your life, if the opportunity arises go forth and conquer, if they’re not there anymore then let go..only the true ones stay, accept that many things are only there for a season and for a definite reason, be good parents to enable the world to be a better place when you’re no longer around. If something is not good for you, if that situation feels eroded..then walk away. Have the courage to know it’s the end..
When you judge, you define yourself and not the other person. Create your space for yourself and not for anyone else. The true ones will hug you, they’ll be ready whenever you are. Remember you are amazing💜
Keep your head up high and walk those heels!💪

This muse is for you Sam, my Angel from above. When things seems hard, I think of you, of how hard it must have been for you…No regrets baby!🙋


2 thoughts on “Life….

  1. Charnelle Lingham Yon March 20, 2017 / 11:55 am

    Well said as always. Love your work.


    • Kami March 20, 2017 / 12:03 pm

      Thank you Charnelle 🙂


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