Fit or Fat..

Fit or this still a thing in today’s time? I mean I look around and see quite a few “I-am-a-size14-and-wanna-be-a-10“…😱 I can’t look!  I really feel for that size 10 maroon jeans, hanging on for dear life! And that poor t-shirt just wanna roll back where it came from eeeeek!

Then of course there’s a belt too..the poor thing just received extra holes which is probably a promise of a longer life.. 😫 Noooo man, we can’t look like this. No woman should look like this, it’s an injustice, never mind it being un-cool, un-sexy and downright horrible! Why, why why??

The sad part is, most of these beautiful young ladies are 30years old and/or younger ugh..No No No! Yeah sure, we have our babies and then boom, we’re gain 20 kilograms but then we have to work it bam bam bam! Jumping jacks while baby is having a two minute noodle nap, or do 5 sit ups, ( ja, that’s all that you’ll be able to manage) or do 3 squats! Yeah work it dammit! Do whatever it takes but don’t lose your groove girl. You might just find yourself as a know….”Iam-a-size14-and-wanna-be-a-10″? 😢 ouch!

I know it’s not easy, being sleep deprived, smelling like sweet-sour milk, looking crazy at the best of times and still having to deal with cutest face screaming all day long. All you want to do is chow that bunny chow, be the couch potato and watch (rather than..hmmm) the 3rd aerobics video you bought and just feel sorry for your ass..Yip, been there, done that and seen it all.

The fattest I’ve ever been……no wait, that’s too much information. The most I gained was 20 kilograms! And I’m probably one of the lucky few that just churns that fat off in no time BUT it doesn’t mean that I never had to work it! Nooo, it was still hard work, believe me. There’s the extra flab that’s still stubbornly stay’s  around (I’m sticking to the royal wave, cos anything a centimeter higher can be downright dangerous..i could smack myself😂.)  Then there’s the piece of tyre sitting there refusing to go away, that skinny is just not gloving the way I want it to ugh.

But eventually it gets to a point where you actually feel human again, sexy again and can honestly fit into that pre-pregnancy jeans or that expensive pants you bought just before you fell pregnant cos hell no! It’s not going anywhere until I can fit in it again. Well, sadly some things become a fantasy and we hold onto it for dear life. Please God, I’ll have all the rabbits food, I promise😏 Ya well, it’s difficult. I’ve never made that promise because I love, love, love to eat. I love food..I just find it difficult to make..but anyway that’s not the moral of this story pffft.
I’ve always took part in sports from a very young age. I remember playing in the under 9 netball team. Regularly doing physical training and making sure my sandshoes is polished with what looked like white paint, with a spongy looking brush.

Then there was my second love for football and yeah, I’ve made the soccer team! It was lots of fun and tears but it was good fun. I’d do it over again but sadly it’s now only a good memory.

Hmmm I’m still trying to figure out which curly is mine 😂

I’ve played netball in primary school and remember getting to the finals, it was now or never. The opponent was obviously as good as us, if not better. It was raining and the game went into extra-time a few times, no one could score! I was the goal keeper and I refused for any ball to go past me💣 My partner worked as hard as I did, but hell no we were not there to be beaten! We’re taking the cup to school, it’s die hard! And then we scored!!! Yeaah, I must’ve shouted the loudest! But damn, then they scored too f&®©¥»* !!  Well the game wasn’t over, we had to honour the remaining time. It was backwards and forwards, there was injuries, there was near fights, my knees were bleeding, reserves were substituted, but God we’re going to win!!
By then the rain was falling at a steady pace, drenching us and making our vision very difficult, but like a good team we’re forged ahead! Pushing, throwing, jumping to take the ball out of the air, moving it along hoping that we’ll get that goal, that one break!

Tennis! From left :Shireen, Kami, Bridget, Sharon and Girl

Then there was that one moment that will be forever  engrained in my mind…it was a slow motion scene where you see it happening but you’re too slow to do anything. I was running towards the post because the ball was in their quarter. My partner slipped and her opponent caught the ball. She was standing on the inside of the half moon circle, positioning herself, aiming, water dripping into her eyes frantically trying to focus on her goal post..As she shot, my partner jumped, touched the ball and it took a different direction. But that very moment the other goalie caught the  ball at the edge, her back facing her post. She twirled her body around and without aiming she shot a goal! Oh my word, it was the best goal I’ve ever witnessed in my life!! It’s a goal I will never ever forget for as long as I live!!
We Lost!!! I cried my heart out, I couldn’t believe we were so close and yet so far. It took that one, beautiful and brilliant shot for us to lose the cup! We were defeated but as good sportsman, we took their hand and even hugged. At the end of it all, it meant as much to them as it did to us. And yeah..the winner takes it all. You cannot win all the time, it doesn’t work that way in life. You win some, you lose some😢

Ai, I’m off the topic. Every woman has a duty towards herself to look good and strive to be fit. There’s many ways to achieve this… be it doing jazz classes, a lovely hike up Lion’s Head, attending yoga glasses or even running. The latter I’ve started taking serious of late and it’s hard very hard! I suppose it’s because I never enjoyed it before and I’m starting to like it. My times are improving and that only means my stamina is improving. Yes I did the odd park run with my sis and I enjoyed it,  but I did it on my time…

A lovely hike up Lion’s Head💪

I’d rather enjoy the yoga class, surrounded by real yogis and mimicking the beautiful mantras. It strengthens the core, it’s excellent for the “kegels” (yeah! That’s another thing we need to keep tight ladies!) and best of all is that it’s very beneficial for the mind. It calms my busy mind and I feel focused and refreshed💞

So let’s not lose the baby but rather the baby fat! It’s important, not only for our body but for our confidence too. If you feel fit, you feel slim and you feel good about yourself. Now tuck that tummy in every time you dance, when you walk, run and sit. Pull that ass up and in and it’ll be forever tight😂 Go Girl💪💪



Another quick muse…

I actually find it very fascinating, this whole Facebook thing and how it gets used by some people to get a message out there..

Pffft, I do it too. I use it to tell my so called friends that ” I’m getting back at you for not visiting me or not staying in touch” ja, you know who you are (yes, put ma that ” I can’t look” face on..that brown spider monkey man)

Then there’s the ones that regular “check in” yirre, where did you get such a kwaai credit limit?? Please inbox me so that I can apply😏

Anyway, that is the funny part. Let me share with you the things that really annoy me of some people..

If I don’t like your post, then you’re not going to like mine, never mind giving me any purple blommetjies that sprinkle all over the post. The minute I start liking yours, booom! I’m getting a like from you. How’s that? Now bear in mind that no one is going to dictate to me what post I should like or not, or if it’s even interesting enough to comment on or do I really think you’re post is awesome or your pictures are nice…. especially those selfies 😦 hmmm

And thank goodness there’s still real people out there. They don’t just like any of my check in’s or any of my quotes that I (by the way )  thought was fascinating. No man, why should they. I’ve post because I believed in the quote. I post pictures because I like and treasure them. Ja well, it’s for the benefit of my friends abroad ( hmmm I have some) but that’s about it.

I once read an article about people and Facebook and unfortunately I cannot remember word for word but the jist was..People use Facebook to create a fantasy life. What you put on Facebook is what you want people to perceive.

And sadly, we’re all or most of us fall in this trap.

So in closing.. I don’t like your post because I don’t think it’s sweet, I don’t find it interesting, I’ve seen the same pictures over and over, I don’t think your quote is bad, but right now I can’t relate to it, sorry. Your check ins are annoying cos I’m at the “salticrax” week of the month. And I really don’t mind if you’re don’t like or comment on any of my post because you could be feeling the same way I do. So high five, no hard feelings, I still like you and you’ll always stay my Facebook friend🙋🙋

Well, let me tell you I’m getting ready to bore you with my countless Whitney Houston re-shares💗😍. My endless pictures of my Pop Lap and of the men in my life😍 including my grandson ( oh, I’ve never been sooo in love😊 yes yes I know you’ve seen a million pictures) my check in’s at hmmm the Waterfront, Canal Walk and Zevenwacht. Oh and of course letting you know that I’ve ran 5km (umpfff it was hard!) and that I’ve enjoyed a session of Yoga😂😂💪

Ok, lighthen’s just another muse. You don’t have to like it😏

The Reunion Part 1: The Givers

Don’t we all wish for a sunny spot?

A place where you could find warmth, laughter, a warm plate of food and an abundance of love. 🙂

I feel if I could recapture those feelings, I would feel better, I’d feel happy again, but I know I can’t… I get sad thinking about an innocent childhood memory. Of not having lunch to school but thank God I always had great friends. Which brings me to my story..this story. Can you teach a hungry child? Will it make you happy to feed a child?

I think as you grow older, your perception of what happinesss is,  changes. Life is more realistic, people can be shit , but there are also good people out there. People, you can look up to, who inspires you, who makes a difference, who gives..

Will this make us happy?

What makes you happy? Compared to what used to make you happy… What makes me happy is to be able to give back!

That is true happiness. Not so much losing your heart to someone, because you might lose yourself in that person and that’s not fulfilling..there’s no purpose in that..not really. That’s more of a personal nature, coupled with life’s complications.

Anyway, back to my point of giving…I genuinely feel that I’m doing something good when I give back and I haven’t done enough. I don’t think one can  ever give enough. We’re all aware that people love a moan, but no one is prepared to do anything. The irritation of some people’s pointless statuses with regards to charity, on social media feels like watching a hamster on a wheel…pffft.


I’ve met up with primary school buddies and they are a phenomenal bunch! They’re all inspiring in their own way. Some of them don’t even know it 🙂

What made an impact for me was their need to make a difference in society. To go back to where we all started and make a small difference for the underprivileged. The same society, we all came from. It’s awesome! I can’t wait to get going. Guys, you’ve inspired this story, whoop whoop 🙂

The Ladies doing the War Cry 🙂 🙂 Naz, doing her thing!
From left: Shamiel, Levona and Ese

I remember my aunt coming to drop off my xmas clothes every year, without fail. It was of the finest. The frilly frock, with the matching patent leather shoes, finished off with a pretty bow. The very white vests with matching panties. Oh yes, you had to have new underwear, otherwise xmas won’t be xmas! And to finish it off, it was the silky matching ribbons! Oh I can still see it in my minds eye 🙂  I remember feeling very special, very loved and in need of nothing. Again,  I am going to be all dolled up in matching ribbons tying up curls on each side of my head.

Far left: Danny, Rashaad, Loet, Kami and Felicia

These are the memories that I have of feeling loved and not wanting of anything. I was fortunate in so many ways and yet growing up was always a struggle but as a child I remember always feeling that I want what I cannot have, that I want the luxury I saw my friends have, that I have very little in comparison to them, that what I have was incomplete, not enough.

Now isn’t that what we still experiencing today? The constant comparison to the next, the always wanting what you cannot have? Always moaning about how hard life is. And if only…if only I can earn more money, things would be better, life will be easier and we’ll live our dream life?

And yet, if you look around you will see so many things in your life that you should be grateful for. You have a cosy, warm home..maybe not kit out in the finest, but it’s a shelter so much better than what many out there can only dream of. Many that wished for a few minutes at your dining table, that wish for night under your comfortable, nice smelling blankets, to sit in front of your fireplace, to feel warm, to not feel hungry and cold. And yet we moan of the riches we have. That’s unfortunate, isn’t it. So when do we realize we have, and they don’t…

We’ve fed a few, Thank God!

We just completed our month of fasting and yet only feel a speck of what they are feeling every single day of their lives. We’re sacrifice food and water between sunset and sunrise and rush home to prepare a feast. A warm pot of soup enjoyed with   different kinds of savories. Different kinds of drinks and juices. And to end it off, a steamy plate of food. All this after a day of fasting.

Now tell me, where is the sacrifice? Yes, we have fulfilled  one of the pillars of our religion, but have we fulfilled the other one? The one where we have to give to the less fortunate (Zakaah). Have we made the difference?

Anyone for seconds..:-) My absolute favorite pic!

What’s giving? Giving comes in many forms. There’s giving in the form of money, parting with worldly things, giving food and then of course sharing of knowledge, to aspire to inspire. Giving in any form can be so rewarding

The soup kitchen is finally underway and some of the guys in the group has sacrificed their time to go and feed a couple hundred primary school children. I am so proud to be associated with them:-) It actually brought tears to my eyes, seeing the row of children, some of which never knew what it is to enjoy a hot cup of soup. Some who’s stomach has been growling for hours but could do nothing about it.

Ese doing what she does best (love, love you!)

I remember standing in a queue myself for a pint of milk and a peanut butter was pure bliss..chocolate cake and milkshake on a rainy day! ja well, you then go back in the queue for another piece of chocolate cake 🙂

There isn’t enough of giving. There’s only taking. There’s a generation of entitlement, which means giving will become non-existent, more people starving, more malnourished children, a less educated society, an increase of poverty, no quality of life, a constant battle, life becomes hopeless, begging is the easier way, pride is only a word with no meaning.

From left: Jackie, Fran, Jamielah and Sadia

These cauldron of events can be avoided if only we give, if only we make a difference to one child…. out of twenty. That’s a high odd, but imagine the domino effect it will have on that individual’s life. He/she will march forthwith and continue to make the difference and break free from the shackles of poverty! Thus creating a better society.

Ese and Sadia with the Principal

So let’s give 🙂

(I dedicate this story to all my buddies, the Givers.. Carl, Esmeralda, Loet, Naz, Francis, Danny, Jamielah, Shamiel, Levona, Colleen, Jackie, Felicia, Cathleen, Tyrone,Sadia,  Cerona and the list goes on and on. You guys Rock 🙂 )

The Sound of Music

Yeah !  My very first memory of music is that of Julie Andrews running across the splendor of green fields,  singing  “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music “ – the minions frantically trying to keep up with her

Can you imagine life without music?

Music should be a part of everyone’s life and I think most of you will agree.
Without music life would have been a lopsided affair, earth totally off it’s axis, obscured and bending sideways..


No melodies to sway to
no passion to relate to..

Music has the ability to tap into the dormant territory of the mind. The right song takes you to that wispy feeling, that happy place. You involuntary sway your hips, tap your foot, bop your head and let the string of words only talk to you.

How many of you has sworn that a particular song was written for you? I’m sure many! For me definitely 🙂 A friend of mine recently pointed out that I appreciate the lyrics in a song 🙂

I remember listening to Chariots of Fire as a teenager and how I use to be fascinated by the steady increase of tempo and finally reaching climax….that point where you sit all alone, hands up to the sky, and face basking in the sun, smiling and savoring the last few piano chords..victoriously saying….” I’ve Won!!”

Who wants to live without music…

Then of course there are songs you love to hate but you involuntary find yourself singing to the chorus “Cake by the Ocean” by Joe Jonas. Really Joe? An apparent metaphor for sex on the beach..pffft crap.
Then there’s Riri’s “Russian Roulette”...ugh I’d love to hate it but I find myself “Take the gun and count to three” 🙂
Oh and don’t forget about Bruno’s – ” Catching a grenade for me” eeeek – no, he must be joking.

I also have a few favorites and they definitely not artists that I’ll have posters of behind my door but listening to the lyrics makes me happy, makes me smile, give me that euphoric lift especially sitting in traffic in the morning.

Jason Mraz – ” Butterfly” is right at the top. The lyrics are so sexy and laced with seductive promises – ” I’m your pole and all you wearing is your shoes” Ooppff fan me now!
Jeremy Oliver – Serendipity, “Baby there’s no need for pretense, together we make perfect sense”. Absolutely beautiful and catchy lyrics, love it.
Jason Derulo – Let’s get ugly – “Chingaling ling ling  ling, just do yah thang” ooh my hips don’t lie…They come alive BOOM!


But nothing beats the Soulful tunes of the 70’s and 80’s, hell no..They did just that..spoke to the soul. Jennifer Rush – ” Power of Love” – of course I’ve believed I found the love of my life, printing out the lyrics and memorizing it to heart 🙂
Teddy P – You’re my Choice tonight
Billy Ocean – Lover Boy
Mariah C – Emotions
Manhattans – Hurt
Earth wind & Fire – Reasons

aah…The list is endless 🙂

And of course…yeah..wait for it..The greatest one of all times…! Whitney Houston – ” You give good Love “. I used to frantically search for Mr Right on the dance floor.. It was a waste otherwise….You had to believe he was the one 🙂

Music creates soul searching, it makes you realize that you’re not the only one hurting “Why does it hurt so bad”.

It stimulates the good feel endorphin’s, it lifts your spirits, makes you ready for the day. It  reverberate through the soul, making it all ok 🙂

Music unites mankind – it doesn’t discriminate  between race, gender and sex

Music is magical, we shouldn’t live without it.

Kami 🙂

Horrible People

So here’s my first muse

Why people are so horrible
Why people feel threatened
Why people are weak
Why people have no clue

I always thought that if I utter out loud that I will seem intimidated but #=_?!+ that, on the contrary, I cannot be bothered and since I found this platform, I say what I puff and move on.

I’m in the least intimidated by anyone let alone the fairer sex. I think if you believe in yourself and you are confident enough to stand up for yourself, you half way there. The rest is showing what you got. Boom!

There was a time that I wanted to be what I’m not and it didn’t get me anywhere. I felt trapped in a pupa (stage in the evolution of a butterfly) and was scared to get out to become the adult butterfly.
And yet I progressed with personal achievements and life went on. I settled and life was good…well I believed it was.

But life is good.

You only doubt it when you let negative in. Those negative thoughts don’t creep in your mind from itself. People put it in your head and you allow it. You start questioning your abilities, you start to self doubt, you second guess, you stumble and you fall. That is what people want, they want you to fail! People can be horrible at the best of times. And if you look closely, you can identify them a mile away, you can sniff them out. They normally live pathetic lives, have none or a small circle of friends, they bark all the time(to be heard), they are uninspiring, they have no ability to motivate or to lead, they insensitive and ruthles. They’ll do anything to pin you to the board! Whack!

And that is how they evolve, how they progress in life but ultimately because people allow them to.

You allow them when you lose sight of your abilities, when you open yourself to condescending statements of the lowest form, when you allow people to make you believe being sensitive is a sign of weakness. Hell, it’s not! It only means you are passionate about life and situations. When you don’t have the inclination to talk for yourself, you’ve given up and rather cower in the corner. And more importantly, when you throw in the towel and walk away.  That right there is what people wants..

So where does it stem from? You not going to get the answer from them and I can think of an endless list. Hmmm the list is too long so in a nutshell, they are weak, uneducated individuals. Their comebacks and innuendos are always personal – don’t believe anything to the contrary, ooh no….be alert! There isn’t enough education to inspire people.

It’s sad actually. I find it emotional draining. I’d prefer people to get on with it. To inspire me on a daily basis, to be more sympathetic and have empathy and stop justifying their obvious short comings.

I prefer to be surrounded with knowledge, positivity, youth (age, is just a number) big minds and small mouths.

Let’s be the shits, allow people to grow and let’s bask in their achievements instead of continuously taking them apart. There’s a certain time and place for grudges and sarcasm.
Some of us pays close attention, we hear and see everything
Don’t strive on others misery and a hopeful audience, because no one is watching
You’ve accomplished nothing if you fail people.

So aspire to inspire 🙂